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Summer Time Fun?

  Ah the good ol' class of "77" Ford Ranger 4 X 4 hmm... They don't make 'em like that any more!

  Yup, the week after Memorial Day weekend it all began. My smart-azed 24 year old man/child got the annual mudd-fest itch. What's that you ask? It's when you use your truck to dig a ditch!

  I used to plow snow with it until last year,

Now that it's the kid's, he smiles ear to ear!

  The steering's shot, & it does need brakes,

He says I don't care, what ever it takes!

  It took two weeks to fix his truck,

And it took my help, huh, just my luck!

  We swap out motors & I weld exhaust,

But when it came to wiring the kid got lost!

  "Here's the schematics in the back of this book.",

Mudd - Fest is tomorrow, ya better have a look!

  It's 3 AM, & I'm goin to bed,

 "Did ya charge that battery? It might be dead!"

  He wakes me up just after dawn,

"The truck won't start dad, somethin's wrong!"

  So, in bed shorts and slippers on Father's Day,

I "hotwire" HIS truck so HE can Play!



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